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Wagner named to village board

Jim Wagner has been appointed to the St. Joseph Village Board.

Wagner was appointed by Mayor Tami Fruhling-Voges and approved by the village board on Jan. 23. He is replacing Suzanne Rogers who moved outside of the village limits.

Village has contracted with company for website upgrade

The Village of St. Joseph knows their website needs updating.
Mayor Tami Fruhling-Voges said the village has contracted with a company to update the village website. The project is in its beginning stages.  
“I agree we need to get it up and running,” Fruhling-Voges said.
Fruhling-Voges said she was hopeful the website could be updated by the end of February.

Other zoning changes being proposed

The town center is just one proposed zoning change that the board is looking at.
Susan Monte of Champaign County Regional Planning has been working on updating the zoning ordinance for the village.
While some of the changes are just to reorganize the content to improve readability and provide clarity others, like adding the town center, will provide notable changes.

Village discusses town center district


A hot topic at last Tuesday’s village board meeting was a proposed town center in downtown St. Joseph.

The town center would run include almost all of the businesses on Lincoln Avenue from Third Street to Second Street.

Village to make sewer plant safer

The village of St. Joseph will be getting safety training for their sewer plant.

Grey and Associates will inspect the plant and provide the village with a list of information that they need to upgrade or change in order to make the plant as safe as possible for the plant workers.

The inspection will cost the village $3,500.

Abbeyfield could find new use

The Housing Authority of Champaign County is looking at the former Abbeyfield property located on Peters Drive in St. Joseph.

Mayor Tami Fruhling-Voges said the Housing Authority will be going through the planning and zoning commission to ask that a special use permit given to Abbeyfield to allow them to build an elderly housing facility.

New mayor swore in


Former Mayor Jack Reidner swore in new Mayor Gabe Clements at the May Ogden Village Board meeting. Clements defeated Reidner in the April 4 election.
Clements then gave the oath of office to Sonja Vickers, Kelly Roggow and James Haan.

Mayor encourages businesses to give away bikes

Mayor B.J. Hackler is asking St. Joseph businesses to give away a bicycle in July.
Hackler, who came up with the idea with Trustee Art Rapp, is asking businesses to purchase a bicycle to give away during the ribbon cutting of the Kickapoo Rail Trail which will be held in the village in July.
Hackler said he thinks the idea is a win for the village, the trail and local businesses.

Four new faces to serve on school boards

There was a big upset in St. Joseph Community School District #169 as only one incumbent retained their seat. 

Clements wins mayors race

Change is coming to Ogden.

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