The majority of kids in this town are awesome

We had a crime spree in St. Joseph lately.
It happens from time to time. It usually takes the form of some eggs being thrown at cars, some toilet paper finding its way out of the bathroom and into some trees or some mailboxes being knocked over.
Those actions are vandalism, don’t get me wrong.
But it’s not a crime spree the way some people are making it out to be.

A look eastward on foreign policy

This week, with even more troops being sent to Syria, it is important to recast the current struggle against ISIS.
From the beginning, the war against ISIS has been part of a greater struggle to keep stability in Iraq, and to topple the Assad regime in Syria.

Trump on the War Path

By Michael McKinney

Policy versus Principle: Why Conservatives are at odd with Republicans

In recent years, the divide between ideological Conservatism and the Republican Party has grown, with the election of Donald Trump putting this on display.  The current situation with the Republicans’ handling of Obamacare has emphasized how the Republican Party has yet to integrate and accept Conservatism.

Mattis and Kelly

Mattis and Kelly: Men of Quality in Charge

The Nuclear Option

With the beginning of confirmation hearings for President Trump’s Cabinet
appointments and eventually his Supreme Court nominee, I’m sure you’ve
heard on television, radio, or read in a newspaper something about the
“nuclear option.” You may recall it being discussed before, about 2013,
after there was strong opposition given to some of President Obama’s

The best part of my job is working where I work

Recently, I had to give a speech to 80 people.

My entire life goal is to avoid situations where I am the center of attention so you can imagine how nervous I was.

I was giving the keynote address at the Illinois Junior College Journalism Association dinner.

I was tasked with speaking to them about how important community journalism is.

Way to go SJO

Somehow I managed to make it to work last Wednesday. Yes, Route 150 had some blowing snow. Yes, I had to drive all the way from Urbana in the blowing wind. Yes, it was very cold.

So cold I had to wear a scarf and gloves. Imagine, a scarf and gloves plus my winter coat in January, in Illinois.  Who could have ever imagined such things?

Stand placement is important

With hunters spending so much time in tree stands hoping to see and get a shot at a deer, the location of the stand in relation to where they expect to see the deer is crucial.

How to get rid of telemarketers

I inadvertently found a way to quickly get rid of cable company telemarketers without being rude.

I’m not above being rude; I just try to save it for those occasions when nothing else will do.

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