Electricity supply info kits to be mailed mid-July

Residents and small businesses in St. Joseph will be receiving information kits regarding the village’s new service agreement for electricity supply.
The kits will be mailed in mid-July.
The new agreement will begin in September.
The kits include info about the new electricity rate and how residents may opt out at any time at no cost.
The new electricity rate will be 5.031 cents per kilowatt-hour,  a 3.1 percent increase over the current rate of 4.88 cents.
The rate new rate will be fixed through September 2021.
In May, the village board approved a 36 month service agreement with Constellation NewEnergy.
Electrical Aggregation was approved by the village via referendum in 2015.
Residents are not required to participate and can opt out at no cost by calling  Constellation’s customer care center at 844-312-9122.
Enrollment is automatic meaning residents who wish to participate do not need to enroll.  Ameren will continue to provide distribution services in the community and customers continue to receive only one bill from Ameren. Ameren will continue to  handle calls related to billing and service.
Additional information may be obtained by visiting www.pluginillinois.org or by calling Constellation at 844-312-9122.


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