Acklin named to Ogden Village Board


The Ogden Village Board has a new, but familiar, member.
Mayor Gabe Clements appointed Jim Acklin to fill the seat of Duane Fitch
who resigned earlier this month.
Acklin ran for the village board in 2017 as a write-in-candidate.
Acklin was approved during the August board meeting.
“Gabe probably had a sense that I would be interested,” Acklin said. “I
look forward to the opportunity to help make a positive difference in a
community that I have been a part of for 36 years. Ogden is a great
little town and my wife and I have been blessed with the opportunity to
have raised our three children here.”
Acklin was born and raised in Edgar County, has lived in Champaign County
for more than 35 years and served as the superintendent of the Shiloh
school district for 4 years. He retired as St. Joseph-Ogden
superintendent in 2013.
Acklin said he was filling big shoes.
“Duane has been a very capable member of the village board for quite some
time, so I'll have big shoes to fill. I'll need to learn as much as I can
as quickly as I can about his areas of responsibility so that I can be the
asset to the village that he has been,” Acklin said.
Acklin said his goal as a board member is to leave a better situation for
those who follow him, not only as a board member but as a resident of
“After retiring as superintendent at SJO, I have continued to look for
ways to continue to make a positive difference,” he said. “That's why I
ran for state representative, why I ran for the village board, and why I
continue to work as a part time interim superintendent at Chrisman



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